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Welcome to the club.

$97   now $27/month
"Founders" Membership:
Closes on May 1st

What is a founder? You will be part of a small "founding" group to build this community together with me. We will shape this to be something highly valuable to serve you for your life and career. 

This is the test phase where, in exchange for being LOCKED IN to DISCOUNTED pricing, your questions and feedback will help me create something that works for YOU. 

I don't like to waste anyone's time, and I always go the extra mile, so I like to avoid the fluff and help get people results.

This will be a place of LESS, not MORE. Simple. Not overwhelming.

Need 1-on-1 coaching?

Get it here.
I don't offer it anywhere but in my group settings (in the rare times I do, it's between $500-1000/hour)

need inspiring community?

I have the best heart-led artists in already.
Community is the key. We'll create together and SOCIALIZE, too!

Need art biz & marketing help?

I've got everything you need.
From solving creative blocks to finding your voice to building your email list.

You'll also get:

  • Live Group Coaching: Weekly zoom calls, 3 weeks in a row, 1 week off to implement so you ALWAYS have support. We start in May - details to follow.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group: Gain support and answers from the Collective Wisdom & Creativity of other high vibe female artists as well as me and future team support.
  • Online Library: Replays, Templates, Resources, etc.. AS they are created along with a roadmap to success to keep you focused. 
  • Member Discounts on any extra courses, products, or workshops in the future.
  • ​More, more, more as we grow!!

The best part?

I help people BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES to take action to do the things that scare them. To play a bigger game. Find their VOICE and show UP to finally put dreams FIRST. There's no time to waste.

What is it costing you to wait and wonder? Imposter syndrome, perfectionism and playing REALLY small held me captive for years. 
I'm free of that, and I can get you there, too.  

And if you want to learn how to be a 6 figure+ artist, I've done that and want you surpass me! 

Money aside, your Bada$$ list of #wins will start flowing. 

Join Below!

Dang it!
You just missed it!

Registration has closed for founding members.

Hop on the waitlist to be notified the next time membership opens!

*** This is founder's pricing, that will be locked in for as long as you remain a member. If you leave and rejoin, you'll rejoin at the higher price ($97/month). 

Yes, you may cancel anytime!

Things that will not be covered:

1) Media & PR Exposure - that is covered in my 8 week program. Everything in this membership will prep you for this if and when you're ready.
2) Galleries, Shows, Art Fairs: To me, these are outdated and slow, labor intensive ways where power is in the hands of others. Selling online is limitless in possibilities.

Have questions? Email me at

Who am I?



Jess Hughes is an award winning artist, art business coach and single mom of 7. As CEO of Jessica Hughes Media & Fine Art, she leads multiple arms of the brand to both promote her own paintings as well as offering online programs to creative entrepreneurs looking for the mindset & skillset to be unstoppable. 

Her signature online program "Media Accelerator for Artists" teaches everything you need to get mainstream media coverage (for free) in less than 60 days. She also offers self-paced art business courses as well as small group coaching. 

Jess is co-author of International Best-seller, “She Did It and So Can You” chronicling her steps and strategies to rapid success. Jess has overcome the dark days of addiction and trauma, to courageously change everything, embrace joy, and never look back. Her purpose is clear: to uplift and empower others in everything she creates. Her writing, painting, speaking, and coaching is a living example that incredible joy and success can exist on the other side of adversity. 

Jess’s drive and passion to empower others has rapidly grown her 4th company to multi-six-figures in just one year. She has been featured on Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more. 

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